To get proper insight in the Maldivian Food sector we are conducting a market research. The goal is to find the demands and pains of the customers. This market research is very much needed and an essential step to design the right greenhouse for the right demand. The Maldives Matter Project will improve the independence of the Maldivian agriculture sector and the overall sustainability of the country.

Our mission is to bring new methods of agricultural practices to the Maldives and figuring out ways to make the local economy more circular, thus reducing waste and giving the Maldives more resiliency.

– What are the exact demand of clients?
– How much do the imported crops costs?
– Which produce comes from far, but could be grown locally?
– Are there fruits and vegetables damaged upon arrival? How can we prevent this?

These, and more detailed questions we aim to answer with a questionnaire. Currently we have had some very valuable responses from different resorts and hotels in the Maldives. 

To finalize the our market research, we plan to visit the Maldives again. From the end of May (2019), till the end of June (2019) we will be visiting resorts and stakeholders in Male’, Kaafu Atoll, Alif Dhaalu atoll, Alif Alif atoll and Baa atoll.

Furthermore we will be speaking at the International Maldives Travel market the 22nd of June 2019. Lastly, we will visit several parties to discuss a potential site for the greenhouse project. 

The Maldives

Travel plans May – June