A sustainable solution for circulair agriculture in the Maldives

Yoeri Slaghekke

At this moment the people of the Maldives import a lot of their food, this is because they have almost no knowledge about agriculture. Besides that there are problems with the availability of land, floods, salt water intrusion, hot temperature, pest and diseases.

The design location is Isdhoo Island, a local island with about 1500 inhabitants. This location is chosen as a test location because there is already a lot of agriculture in the Maldives. The design will be build so the people can learn from it. The design consist out of four buildings. It has two greenhouses, due to a natural ventilation concept the temperature inside of the greenhouse can drop to an average of 25 degrees, in this way new crops can be produced. These crops will then be sold in the marketplace in the farm building, also local farmers can sell their products here and buy materials and seeds needed for their farms. The farm part is made out bamboo, a new building material. The town part is build so that the people have a place to learn about agriculture. Besides that the town part also provides shelter in case of extreme floods and tsunamis.