the tunneldome project

Trang Phan

The design proposal to solve the agricultural problem on Isdhoo serves as an education centre for the island. Therefore, it is located central of all the existing greenhouses. Farmers can gather here to introduce, meet, collaborate, learn, work and discuss with each other. The communal square is an important area on the site. This square, sheltered by a rain tree, connects the three buildings and assembles the activities. The entrance and services buildings are made out of local coconut timber with an overhanging tropical roof, which provides shade around the building.

The greenhouse functions in a demonstrational manner in order for the other farmers to easily understand the design and conduct themselves. The geodesic dome structure results in a light weighted construction, where the construction is the façade as well as the roof of the greenhouse. This enables the greenhouse to elevate on stilts in order to prevent the plants from flooding. The structure consists out of modular elements: wooden struts and steel hubs. On top of this, modular ETFE cushions are fitted with vents on the bottom and top of the dome to allow natural ventilation during the two monsoons. The whole construction can easily be transported and is detachable.