Universal waste management pavilion

Sjoerd Rijpkema

To solve the waste problem of the Maldives, actions needs to take place on a local level. On every island a small waste management pavilion needs to be build. Rebuildable, to make it suitable for changing demands in the future. This building, made from local and recycled materials, gives the people of the Maldives the chance to reuse and recycle their waste. On a street, covered from the sun and rain, workshops are located for the reuse of waste. It gives locals the chance to start up a business to encourage a circular economy. Next stop in the street is the recycle area. Four of the five big waste streams (paper, plastic, metal and general waste) are unable to be efficiently recycled on a small scale, therefore they need to be shipped efficiently (so compressed) to a larger regional treatment centre. Green waste is recycled on a local scale, biogas and fertilizer is made within a biodigester. The structure is marked by five solar chimneys, these are responsible for the passive cooling of the building and the smell extraction of the waste. Result is an elegant, clean and sustainable pavilion, an import key in battling the Maldivian waste problem.