A new era

Sebastiaan Brouwer

A time has come for a new era. A time where waste is no longer been seen as waste. The design is focussed on the Laamu and Thaa atolls. From a coconut MDF press and a CNC milling machine a marketplace is constructed. On this marketplace separated waste has value. When delivering your -separated- waste to the designated shop you get points in return. With those points you can buy products at the shops. 

The waste is shredded and crushed at the shop, being brought to the factory where the waste is being processed into raw material. The material is delivered to the workshop at the marketplace. These workshops are producing products that can be sold at the shops.

The circle is round. 

Besides the factory, workshops and the shops there are two lifted main buildings -office and education center- that provide shade and a dry place to facilitate the local market.