RENEW, giving a new identity

Roos van Roessel

The designed waste centre is located on Kunahandhoo Island in Lamuu Atoll. The ambition is to facilitate waste and stimulate circular business and education concerning waste. The idea is to change the image of the typical waste management building on the Maldives. This is achieved mainly by making it more visible and easy assessable, by adding a public function to the building and making it an example for sustainable and future proof building. The building is located next to the public field that is currently used as cricket field. With the position a new space is defined. The public functions of the building are shifted to the cricket field. The waste management functions to the road. The public functions are opened to to cricket field and connected with one big stairs that can be used as a stage to watch the game. One organic roof covers the whole building and provides shade. The shape of the roof allows the rainwater to flow to one point. The water is collected and used for flushing toilets and cleaning waste.