topsector tuinbouw & uitgangsmaterialen

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Peter van der Sar

The Horticulture and Starting Materials (Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen – TKI T&U) sector is one of the nine strongest top sectors in the Netherlands (and thus part of the Topconsortia of Knowledge and Innovation), thanks to its internationally operating and innovative businesses. The Horticulture and Starting Materials sector comprises all plant product chains in the horticulture complex, and the entire horticulture and agricultural complex for starting materials. TKI T&U has been a helping hand in an early phase of RIF, the organization helped us with the setup of the WUR student challenge and provided an advisor: Peter van der Sar. Peter has all the know-who and -how of the horticulture sector.
With the help provided by Peter van der Sar we professionalized our own organization structure and gained many valuable new contacts within the horticultural sector from which we could learn.