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About Hoogendoorn Growth Management
Hoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation solutions in the horticultural industry. For over 50 years they have been striving to optimize greenhouse climate, increase crop yields and manage costs and risks in greenhouse horticulture. Hoogendoorn’s automation solutions contribute to the sustainable use of water and energy and are available in several languages.  The products are supported with the customer portal Hoogendoorn Online, the user training, the 24/7 helpdesk and reliable maintenance service, provided via local offices and a worldwide partner network.

Next generation iSii | All-in-one process computer
The next generation iSii process computer monitors and controls all climate, irrigation and energy equipment in all types of greenhouses worldwide. This user-friendly system features advanced controls, such as pre-control, self-learning heating control and pro-active weather control that anticipates on changing outside conditions. This results in a stable greenhouse climate, efficient water use, low energy consumption and high yields. Via intelligent graphical set points growers can set their own strategy, using any parameter that they desire, such as radiation and wind speed. The system makes use of natural ventilation and is equipped with the best industrial hardware components on the market, including solid state hard drives, fast dual core processors and back-up facilities.

iSii compact | Climate and irrigation computer
The user-friendly iSii compact monitors and controls basic irrigation in greenhouses and open field and manages climate. Based on the plant’s needs the proper starting moment, the frequency and duration of the irrigation cycle can be selected. By tuning the water dosage to the plant’s needs (and if possible recirculation), iSii compact saves water and fertilizers. The climate software controls amongst others, screens, heating, recirculation fans, vents and Pad and Fan cooling to optimize growing conditions. This increase yields and reduces pests and diseases. iSii compact can be operated via pc, tablet or smartphone. The modular structure of the software allows growers to compile a customized system that only includes controls that are needed.

Work-IT | Labor and production registration system
Work-IT combines real-time information about e.g. staff performance, planning, payroll administration, quality and stock. This allows you to efficiently manage labor, production and crop healthy and it helps you to take cost-saving measures. Work-IT enables you to easily monitor and analyze data, such as personnel performance, harvest activities and crop health. Moreover, quality control, track and tracing and pests and diseases registration ensure food safety.

About Letsgrow.com

LetsGrow.com is the online platform for registration and analyses of all climate and management information within the horticulture. Combining the data from climate computers, plant data and images, makes LetsGrow.com the most powerful tool for the complete horticulture, from flowers to vegetables.

Since the year 2000 LetsGrow.com collects data from all different sources like climate computers (all brands), sensors, labor software and data from all kind of machines. They create value to the collected data by adding their own smart solutions and data analysis and with the solutions from external companies like growth advisors and researchers. The combination of the added value and a very clear presentation in the portal of LetsGrow.com makes is possible for the grower to support his decisions on independent data. This will create the opportunity to improve the results even more.  

It is possible to use the LetsGrow.com platform in many different ways. Companies with multiple locations use their platform to analyze their own data. LetsGrow.com provides the owner, director and grower the right tools to improve the results of the company. The second way to use LetsGrow.com is to share and compare your data with other growers. To compare and learn from each other the growing results will improve also. A third way to use LetsGrow.com is for crop advisors and researchers. For these professionals it is possible to look, see, and check what is happening on site from a distance. With the use of their smart solutions the professionals can also give support from a distance combined with visits on site.

LetsGrow.com is the online platform for all professionals who work in the horticulture. By bringing all these professionals together on one platform it is possible to learn and improve while the grower is in control over the data!

Check www.letsgrow.com or email them at info@letsgrow.com. for more information.


NGO Live & Learn

Live & Learn Environmental Education is a learning network of nine locally registered non-governmental organisations in the Asia and South Pacific region. The aim of Live & Learn is to reduce poverty and advance sustainable development through education and learning. Their priority is to support communities in sustaining their environments by improving practice. Poverty reduction and quality of life are two issues central to all our approaches.