Design for development

Jasper Rouwenhorst

Before plastic waste, there was only organic waste, which people would throw on the beach to let it rot and dissappear. when anorganic waste like metal and plastic was introduced the people handled it as if it was organic: they threw it on the beach, and they still do. we have seen the UNDP solving this problem in mentality through education and communal work, to solve the mentality in one generation. my goal is the same as that of UNDP. In my architecture, I want to adress the issue of waste management, educate on how to solve the issue, and change the mentality of the community to gradually work towards a circular society on the Maldives. In my design, this asks for the fourth dimension: time. Therefore I wanted to create a design which makes change in time explicit in its architecture and usage. a building which will provoke and adapt to changes in society, in their attitude towards waste management.