Melchior Bos

A project that goes further than just a standard solution intrigues Melchior. Attention to details and combining multiple aspects are what keep Melchior busy. During his many dives all across the globe, including the Maldives, he experienced first-hand the problematic and dire conditions. Working on this integral solution project is, therefore, in line with what he stands for.

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Sebastiaan Brouwer

During his life, Sebastiaan has travelled in more than fifty countries, visited hundreds of foreign cities and did more than 30 long-distance hikes through nature. He felt the urge and saw the need for a change in the world. During his study of Architectural Engineering he aimed to make a theoretical change and now his drive is to  implement this in a practical way as a project leader.

Stan van Stralen

Stan always had the desire to add something positive to this world. After being confronted to the dire situation of the Maldives during the field trip in 2017, it kept him motivated to continue where the study project ended. The situation on the Maldives shows the devious way materials are handled, but also gives an opportunity to rethink this.

Aernout Ackerman
Aernout Ackerman

Aernout has 12 years of experience in diverse cross-cultural contexts and challenging environments, including the Maldives. Strong affiliation with strategy.

Trang Phan

Trang felt immediately engaged with this project because of her interest in circularity and the environmentally conscious lifestyle. After visiting the Maldives and meeting the locals, it became clear that tackling a real problem like climate change and at the same time changing the social awareness is the challenge that has given great opportunities that without doubt need to be seized.