Maldives always natural

Inhabitants of the Atolls draw towards the capital city, Malé, to benefit from the increasing revenues. The depopulation of the islands leads creates to a decline of employment, and therefore to even more draw towards Malé. On one hand, the draw towards the city leads to an overflow of the waste management system of Malé on the ‘waste island’ Thilafushi. On the other hand, the lack of waste management on the atolls, leads to rubbish all over the smaller islands.

By creating example of a sustainable, and therefore more profitable way to build, using the natural sources on the islands, the atolls become a more likeable place to live. The design of the new waste management center makes use of the sun, wind, rain and local materials to create a fully passive building. A building that regulates the inside temperature, shading, ventilation and smell- and flood prevention all by itself.