Cheng Zhu

This project is to build a greenhouse in Maldives which is in EXTREME condition. The greenhouse can improve the agricultural productivity. Meantime, it can provide a public space for local residents and encourage women to take part in agricultural business.

The concept comes from local farming method—home farming. So if it is possible to gather all the backyard farms, local residents can share a better environment and utilize limited resource effectively and efficiently.  In order to figure out the fluent flooding problem, the farm hangs on the roof where the highest water cannot reach. And the shading area is also fit for local residents to relax and use as well. The ground floor can be used as market to sell fresh vegetables, classroom to learn the advanced agricultural technologies, and some agricultural exhibitions as well. Due to the EXTREME condition, according research, this building introduced new technologies – hydroponic (using on the roof farm) and aquaponic (improving traditional farming method)—to improve the productivity. Vertical farming can use the land more efficiently. The green house is not only an agricultural building, but also a complex public construction. It will attract local people to pay more attention to agricultural activities even women and children. The roof farm is just like a big and comfortable shading place.