Within this Maldives Matter Archive we have arranged a collection of students’ work. The projects found on this page were all created by students of the Architectural Engineering’s Extreme Architecture studio. The body of work illustrates the studios intent to study issues involving both agriculture and waste management on the Maldives.

Projects vary from interaction theme parks to modular green houses, displaying the creative vision of those involved. Additionally, the archive offers an array of drawing and communication techniques, which introduce aspects of the projects and personalities of the students.

The collection of work benefited greatly from the Maldives Matter movement and all those who were involved. In particular the trip to the islands heavily influenced designs, giving great insight into site specific parameters and conditions.

We invite you to browse this library, hoping that inspiration can be found; encouraging new ways of thinking and designing in response to the issues of waste management and agriculture. Although centered around the Maldives these proposals ask questions and search for solution to what is a global problem.