advisory board

Aishath Azfa
Sustainable Development Consultant

Azfa has been involved with the project since the collaboration between the United Nations and the TU Delft. After working for 7 years for the UN, she is now a independent sustainable consultant. Azfa supports the contact between the Netherlands and the Maldives. In the board of advisors her field of expertise lies in the social implementation.

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Amit Parulekar
Former Global Head of Finance at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Amit has more than 20 years of international finance and banking experience. He strongly believes in performance culture where people matter and results count. Within the board he is the advisor regarding finance and business.

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Martien Duijndam
Grower / Owner of Duijndam Greenconsult

Martien is an experienced grower of tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. He is specialized in air treatment in greenhouses, cooling, dehumidifying, model cultivation, and Integrated Pest Management. He was the first greenhouse grower in The Netherlands that was actively using a conditioned crop management system. Within the advisory board, Martien supports the team on the topic of growing strategy and greenhouse management.

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Raymond Pijpers
Managing Director Accenture

Throughout Ray’s career, innovation, technology and business always went hand-in-hand. First at KPN and the Dutch knowledge institution TNO, and the last 12 years as Managing Director at Accenture, a global consultancy and technology firm, where he supports teams and clients with moving into-the-new. Within the advisory board he supports the team on the topic of strategic business development.

Remco Beekman
(Corporate) Lawyer

During Remco’s career as a (corporate) lawyer, he built strong expertise of law rights in the field of entrepreneurship, contracts, liability and banking. He guides multiple companies during acquisitions, restructuring, internal litigation and project management. Within the board of advisors, Remco is the advisor regarding Legal Aspects.

Rob Baan
Owner and CEO Koppert Cress

Rob Baan is a renowned entrepreneur within the agri-food world. He worked in 70 countries and became a number one expert in this field. He is constantly striving for solution based approaches, understanding cultures and diving into what really matters: help to make the world more healthy. Within the board he is the advisor for entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector.

Rolf de Jong
Senior agronomist at LLC Greenhouse

Rolf BLS de Jong is specialized in cultivating tomatoes, bell peppers and leafy vegetables and has been active in this sector his whole life. After selling his companies in 2005, he shifted his focus from the Westland and Noord-Brabant to abroad. Rolf took a consulting and advisory role in countries abroad: e.g. Russia, the USA, Germany, and Greece. With his knowledge and experience, he has the means to give advice during the development of the project and the operational phase.